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Typo3 Besonderheiten

Typo3 ist ein besonders in Deutschland beliebtes und recht häufig anzutreffendes Content Management System. Es ist sehr flexibel und lässt sich per PHP und TypoScript selbst für die ungewöhnlichsten Use Cases anpassen, erweitern oder customizen – allerdings ist es deutlich komplexer in der Bedienung und Handhabung.


Typo3 läuft auf den gängigsten HTTP Servern wie Apache oder IIS. Typo3 benötigt PHP und als Datenbank eine von Typo3 DBAL unterstützte relationale Datenbank wie MySql, Oracle oder PostgreSQL


  • TypoScript: TypoScript ist eine rein deklarative Konfigurationssprache, mit der sich z.B. die Ausgabe der Website über Templates steuern und anpassen lässt. Mit TypoScript kann man Navigationen erstellen, Platzhalter in HTML Templates ersetzen, JavaScript, CSS und andere HTML Head erstellen und sogar komplette Templates schreiben.
  • Extensions: Durch die große Community gibt es eine Vielzahl von Extensions
  • Page Tree: Die gesamte Website wird im administrativen Backend Bereich als Seitenbaum dargestellt, ahnlich dem Windows Explorer. Sehr übersichtlich – gerade bei umfangreicheren Websites

Eine komplette Feature Liste zu Typo3 finden Sie hier.

Typo3 News

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    • Meet Volker Graubaum (part 1 of 3!), Chief Product Officer of TYPO3, Germany (Application Podcast S1E11) 14. April 2021
      Today’s episode of Application, the TYPO3 Community Podcast, features Volker Graubaum, the Chief Product Officer of TYPO3. Volker sees his role as CPO as being responsible for, as he puts it, “the product TYPO3.” We get into the idea of community software and a community product, his vision for serving the TYPO3 community, and how […]
    • Introducing Free Skill Tracking and Verification for TYPO3 Association Members 13. April 2021
      Silver, Gold, and Platinum members of the TYPO3 Association now receive credits and a free business account at SkillDisplay.eu to manage, track and verify internal skills and optimize preparation for certifications.
    • TYPO3 10.4.15 maintenance release published 13. April 2021
      The version 10.4.15 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System has just been released.
    • Results of the 2021 TYPO3 Association Elections 11. April 2021
      Patrick Gaumond was elected to the Board with three reelected veterans. Daniel Fau and Edward Lenssen are joining veteran Ingo Schmitt in the Business Control Committee. Congratulations!
    • TYPO3 Trademark Registered in India and Ukraine 8. April 2021
      One of the goals of the TYPO3 Association is to safeguard our brand, TYPO3. We run an active program to advise community members about the usage of our brand, and take action when we see misuse of the trademark.
    • TYPO3 Mentorship Program 2021 5. April 2021
      The aim of the TYPO3 International Mentorship Program is to expand the reach of TYPO3 CMS, to grow the community and market. The coordinating committee conducted a successful pilot program in 2020, supporting young web developers from five countries to make their first steps into the TYPO3 world.
    • Documentation Screenshots—Puppeteer Makes Life Easy 4. April 2021
      This year, a special interest group was formed to update screenshots in the official TYPO3 documentation. Updating screenshots manually is tedious and boring. This article explains the really cool automatic solution we have devised, and we’re looking for people to help us make it even better.
    • Meet Sybille Peters, Germany (Application Podcast S1E10) 1. April 2021
      Today we speak with Sybille Peters, a Germany-based developer who’s responsible for the web presence at the University of Oldenburg. She is also very active on the TYPO3 Community Documentation Team. We talk about the joys of open source community, contribution, and collaboration in the TYPO3 community, her favorite features TYPO3 has to offer, and […]
    • The TYPO3 Comparison Cards are Here! 29. März 2021
      In 2020—we, as the Marketing Team—decided and announced that we wanted to focus on creating a variety of fact and figure-based materials, which should help agencies sell TYPO3 better. Our biggest project was to create the Comparison Cards, comparing TYPO3 to the most popular alternatives on the market.
    • TYPO3 Wiki (2004–2021)—Long Live the Documentation 27. März 2021
      The TYPO3 Documentation Team is continuously working on improving the TYPO3 documentation—keeping it up to date, finding new and better ways to document and—equally important—removing outdated information.