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Typo3 Besonderheiten

Typo3 ist ein besonders in Deutschland beliebtes und recht häufig anzutreffendes Content Management System. Es ist sehr flexibel und lässt sich per PHP und TypoScript selbst für die ungewöhnlichsten Use Cases anpassen, erweitern oder customizen – allerdings ist es deutlich komplexer in der Bedienung und Handhabung.


Typo3 läuft auf den gängigsten HTTP Servern wie Apache oder IIS. Typo3 benötigt PHP und als Datenbank eine von Typo3 DBAL unterstützte relationale Datenbank wie MySql, Oracle oder PostgreSQL


  • TypoScript: TypoScript ist eine rein deklarative Konfigurationssprache, mit der sich z.B. die Ausgabe der Website über Templates steuern und anpassen lässt. Mit TypoScript kann man Navigationen erstellen, Platzhalter in HTML Templates ersetzen, JavaScript, CSS und andere HTML Head erstellen und sogar komplette Templates schreiben.
  • Extensions: Durch die große Community gibt es eine Vielzahl von Extensions
  • Page Tree: Die gesamte Website wird im administrativen Backend Bereich als Seitenbaum dargestellt, ahnlich dem Windows Explorer. Sehr übersichtlich – gerade bei umfangreicheren Websites

Eine komplette Feature Liste zu Typo3 finden Sie hier.

Typo3 News

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    • TYPO3 10.4.5 maintenance release published 7. Juli 2020
      The version 10.4.5 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System has just been released.
    • This Month in TYPO3 - May 2020 - Issue #17 30. Juni 2020
      Time flies! The release of TYPO3 v10 is already one month ago and the adoption rate is awesome which can be measured by over 400 compatible extensions!
    • This Month in TYPO3 - April 2020 - Issue #16 30. Juni 2020
      April was marked by the long awaited release of TYPO3 v10 LTS. The feedback of the community so far is overwhelming and we have a rock stable new LTS version with already more than 300 compatible extensions!
    • A Special Call-Out for TYPO3 Market Research 26. Juni 2020
      We’re asking for your help to find the right audience for two TYPO3 Market Research surveys. Help us reach sales professionals and decision makers to understand how people chose TYPO3. In a few minutes, you can make a big difference!
    • TYPO3 v10 Community Content Roundup 25. Juni 2020
      TYPO3 v10 came out only two months ago, and wow—how time flies! We wanted to celebrate the contributors in the community, who helped get the word out about TYPO3 by writing blog posts and sharing the news. We knew you’d like to help boost TYPO3’s signal and loved your contributions. If we missed any contributions, […]
    • Who Does What in the Association Board, 2020? 23. Juni 2020
      Check out the roles and responsibilities for the members of the TYPO3 Association Board in 2020.
    • Mentoring Digital Transformation with TYPO3 22. Juni 2020
      Tymoteusz Motylewski is a TYPO3 mentor. “It is very satisfying,” he says, and tells me the story of how he started out on the other side; being mentored by others in the TYPO3 community.
    • Recap from the First Online Marketing Sprint (Q2/2020) 9. Juni 2020
      For the first time, on 26 and 27 May 2020, an entirely digital marketing sprint has been held. Due to continuing travel restrictions in Europe, the international gathering of TYPO3 enthusiasts met online to strategically advance the TYPO3 project from the perspective of the sales sector, PR experts, and content creators.
    • TYPO3 10.4.4 and 9.5.19 maintenance releases published 9. Juni 2020
      The versions 10.4.4 and 9.5.19 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
    • TYPO3 Book Report—Who’s Writing the TYPO3 Book? 27. Mai 2020
      You might be wondering just who is writing the TYPO3 Guidebook and how the project is coming along. I sat down to interview my colleague Felicity Brand, the TYPO3 Guidebook main author, about her experience, what she’s working on right now, and what’s next on the horizon for the book. If you’d like to keep […]